Somdej Than Khu Luang Phor Lamphu Wat Bangkhunprom BE2502

507039 507039ASomdej Phim Than Khu Luang Phor Lamphu Wat Bangkhunprom BE2502. During BE2500 main chedi in Wat Bangkhunprom is officially opened. Large part of broken Somdej Bangkhunprom fragments were well kept by Luang Phor Lamphu. Therefore, this batch of somdej mixed with lots of broken old somdej bangkhunprom which made by Archan Toh. It wons No2 Placing in Thailand Sukhothai amulet competition on 14th December 2014. Attached with Silver Coated Gold Longya Waterproof casing.
CODE: 507039

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