Contact Details 联系方式

BUSINESS NAME 公司名字: Maxamulet Collection (JM0829212-U)

WECHAT 微信: maxleewc


Payment Method 付款方式

  • Payment method accepted within Malaysia 马来西亚付款方式:
    • Bank Account Deposit/Online Bank Transfer 银行账号入款/网银转账
      • Maybank Malaysia
      • Public Bank Malaysia
      • HSBC Malaysia
    • Credit card online payment 信用卡线上支付

  • Payment method accepted for oversea 海外付款方式:
    • Bank Account Deposit/Online Bank Transfer 银行账号入款/网银转账
      • Singapore Local Bank 新加玻境内银行
      • Paypal
      • Credit card online payment 信用卡线上支付

There will be 5% charges for Paypal or Credit Card online payment cancelled or refund, regardless any reason.

Return and Refund Policy 退货和退款条规

  • We will give full refund based on the below condition only. 只限于以下情况,我们会给与全额退款
    1. Not the correct Amulet. This return designation provides customers with the opportunity to return product that was received due to an error on the part of Kindly return the amulet to us and make sure it is in the same condition as we delivered. We will issue refund to you within 5 days of the date of receiving the returned amulet.
    2. All our amulets are guaranteed to be genuine. We welcome you to take the amulet for appraisal yourself at Thai Buddha Image Admiration Association, or better known as SamakomPhra, or send to the Thai Amulet Competition organized by SamakomPhra. At this moment, we will respect and only respect the decision provided by SamakomPhra. If ever SamakomPhra justify the amulet as not genuine, kindly supply us with the original report and receipts. IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not accept evidence of authenticity based on the comments of friends, other websites or other amulet association.