Somdej Phim Yai Wat Prasat BE2506

509016-1 509016-1ASomdej Phim Yai Wat Prasat BE2506. First grand blessing ceremony on 6th to 9th March BE2506, attended by 234 monks and blessed for 4 days 4 nights. Second grand blessing ceremony on 13th to 15th November BE2506, attended by 108 monks and blessed for 3 days 3 night. Mixed with lots of holy material from more than 300 temples, such as old somdej Wat Bangkhunprom, old somdej Wat Rakang, Luang Phor Thuad Wat Changhai BE2497, powder from Luang Phor Sodh Wat Paknam, leftover powder from Somdej Phau BE2495 and others. It comes with DD Pra Authentic Certificate.
大模崇迪佛,瓦巴萨佛寺,佛历2506。第一场盛大的加持仪式于佛历2506年3月6日至9日,由234位高僧一同加持了4天4夜。第二场盛大的加持仪式于佛历2506年11月13日至15日,由108位高僧加持了3天3夜。此批佛牌参了超过300间寺庙提供的圣料,包括瓦曼冠碰佛寺的老崇迪,瓦拉康佛寺的老崇迪,瓦沧海佛寺的2497龙婆托,龙婆术加持过的经粉,佛历2495崇迪豹剩下的经粉等等。获得DD Pra佛牌协会颁发验证卡。
CODE: 509016-1

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