Somdej Peun Beah Luang Phor Phrom Wat Chongkae BE2515

Somdej Peun Beah Phim ThanLiap Luang Phor Phrom Wat Chongkae BE2515. Nur Phong, made 2000 pieces only. This batch of Phra Somdej amulets was consecrated and blessed twice by Luang Phor Phrom, the first time in the year BE2515 and the second time during the auspicious Sao Ha day on 7th April BE2516 at 5pm in the evening. It won No2 Placing in Thailand ChaengWattana Grand Amulet Competition on 29th October 2017. Attached with Gold Waterproof casing.
CODE: 610021

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