Silver Lersi Cheewok Gomaapac Luang Phor Jarun Wat Ampawan BE2554

507019Lersi Cheewok Gomaapac Luang Phor Jarun Wat Ampawan BE2554. Phim Kamakan, Silver rough material, serial number 727. Lersi Cheevok was the Personal Physician of the Lord Buddha, good in medicine, massage and healing. This batch of Lersi is sponsored by Doctor Som Mai, Cancer specialist in Thailand. Mr. Payap Kampant, Toy Mueang Nont and Taep Gampaeng also donated sacred material for this amulet. Luang Phor Jarun blessed on 18th February BE2554.
神医鲁士赤卧共马帕,龙婆扎兰瓦安巴湾佛寺,佛历2554(2011年)。理事模,纯银未磨光料,佛牌编号727。据说鲁士赤卧是佛主的医师,对药物,按摩以及康复作用很好。此批鲁士是由Som Mai医生捐赠,他是泰国有名的癌症专家。泰国的三位鼎鼎大名的佛牌收藏家,Payap Kampant先生,Toy Mueang Nont先生以及Taep Gampaeng先生也为这批佛牌捐出特别的材料。最后由龙婆扎兰于佛历2554年2月18日加持。
CODE: 507019

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