Roopmuen Khan 5 Luang Phor Kasem Wat SusanTrairak

506001 20150405 LampangRoopmuen Khan 5 Luang Phor Kasem Wat SusanTrairak BE2538. Made for 7 Rob during Luang Phor Kasem’s 84 years old. Nur Phong, mixed with LP’s hair, teeth, nails, robe, leftover rice, incense stick, holy water and others. It won No1 Placing in Thailand Lampang Amulet Competition on 5th April 2015. Attached with Silver coated Gold Longya waterproof casing.
自身Khan 5,龙婆卡贤Wat SusanTrairak,佛历2538。于7循环周期,师傅84岁的时候制造的。经粉料,当中参了师傅的头发,牙齿,指甲,袈裟,吃剩的饭粒,香灰,圣水等等。于2015年4月5日,在泰国Lampang大型佛牌比赛中荣获第一名。配上精美防水银电镀金龙牙外壳。
CODE: 506001

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