Rian Thamboon Song Nam Luang Phor Phrom Wat Chongkae BE2517

Rian Thamboon Song Nam Luang Phor Phrom Wat Chongkae BE2517. Nur Thongdeang phiew fai, made 3,300 pieces only. Original and beautiful condition. This is the last batch which Luang Phor Phrom blessed in April BE2517 (Luang Phor Phrom passed away on 30th January BE2518). Luang Phor Phrom blessed this batch of amulet for 8 days. This batch of amulet is build as a souvenir in merit making for bathing Luang Phor Phrom on 9th April BE2517. Attached with Gold Waterproof casing. It won No2 Placing in Thailand ChaengWattana Grand Amulet Competition on 27th October 2019.
自身铜牌伦Song Nam,龙婆碰瓦冲给佛寺,佛历2517(1974年)。红铜材质,彩虹皮,只做了3,300尊而已。原装皮,很漂亮的品相。这是师傅加持的最后一批佛牌。龙婆碰师傅是于佛历2517年4月为这批佛牌加持了8天(师傅是于佛历2518年1月30日圆寂)。这批佛牌是送给那些于佛历2517年4月9日帮龙婆碰师傅淋浴的信徒们。配上精美防水金壳。于2019年10月27日,在泰国Chaengwattana大型佛牌比赛中荣获第二名。
CODE: 909007
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Actual amulet in hand 现货在手,不卖照片

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