Luang Phor Thuad Na Yai Lang Nang Seu Wat Changhai BE2524

606023 606023ALuang Phor Thuad Na Yai Lang Nang Seu Wat Changhai BE2524. Nur Thongdeang longdam. It comes with Sammakom Authentic Certificate. It made on BE2522 and started blessing until BE2524. The grand ceremony was attended by:
1. Luang Phor Moon Wat Khao Deang Phatthalung (龙婆Moon瓦靠登佛寺)
2. Luang Phors Wat Khlong Thom Phatthalung (Wat Khlong Thom佛寺的高僧们)
3. Luang Phor Son Wat Piyaram Pattani (龙婆Son Wat Piyaram)
4. Luang Phors Wat Khok Man Pattani (Wat Khok Man佛寺的高僧们)
5. Luang Phors Wat Thung Kha Yaring Pattani (Wat Thung Kha Yaring佛寺的高僧们)
6. Achan Nong Wat Saikhao Pattani(阿赞弄瓦筛考佛寺)
7. Luang Phor Dam Wat Duyong (龙婆丹瓦杜永佛寺)
8. Chao Khuns Wat Napradu Dap Tianchay (Wat Napradu Dap Tianchay佛寺的召昆们)
CODE: 606023

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