Khunpaen Phim Ork Yai Luang Phor Aant Wat Phayatigaram


502011A502011BKhunpaen Phim Ork Yai Luang Phor Aant Wat Phayatigaram BE2496. Nur Din, rare in market. It won No2 Placing in Thailand Sukhothai Amulet Competition on 14th December 2014. It won again No2 Placing in Thailand Pattaya Amulet Competition on 21st December 2014. Attached with Gold Waterproof casing (6.8gram).

Luang Phor Aant (or Luang Por Un), the former abbot of Wat Prayatikaram, Ayudhaya Province, was without doubt the most distinguished devotee of Luang Phor Glaan, the sacred abbot of the temple, famous for his sacred sciences and amulets. Whilst Luang Por Glaan was still alive, he would always appoint Luang Phor Aant to oversee the production of the amulets and after the amulets, which were finally blessed by Luang Phor Glaan himself. After Luang Por Glaan had passed away, Luang Phor Aant himself commanded much respect from the people as the natural successor to Luang Phor Glaan. He created many amulets, having learnt the art from Luang Phor Glaan. Probably his most famous of all was his Phra Khun Paen Klurb, the amulet featured here.
Luang Phor Aant made this Khun Paen by mixing the ground broken antique Khun Paen amulets of Wat YaiChaimongkol. One of the reasons that this amulet is so popular as it is as efficacious as the original antique one. Wat Yai Chai Mongkol was one of the most famous and prosperous temples during Ayudhaya dynasty, but was burnt and destroyed by Burmese soldiers around BE2310.

There were several Phims (styles) of Phra khunpan amulets that Luang Por Aant obtained from Wat Yai Chai Mongkol:

1.Phim Kan On, amulets with an image of a bowed-arm Buddha to the front.
2.Phim Ha Lium Oke Yai, amulets with an image of a wide-breasted Buddha to the front with a frame shaped as a pentagon.
3.Phim Phra Somdej, amulets with an image of Lord Buddha sitting on a high base.
4.Phim Phra Nang Phaya, amulets in the style of Phra Nang Phaya, the design of which originated some 1,000 years ago.

Other sacred materials from many other temples were also incorporated into the sacred mix, including powders from Wat Takrai, Wat Bangnomko, Wat Kooslot etc.

After all amulets were taken from the molds they were blessed at a number of sacred ceremonies by the three sacred monks:

1. Three-month sacred-spell ceremony by Luang Phor Aant himself
2. Three-day –three- night sacred-spell ceremony by Luang Phor Chong of Wat Natangnok.
3. Three-day –three- night sacred-spell ceremony by Luang Phor Sie of Wat Sakae.

After the blessing ceremonies were completed, half of the amulets were placed in Jedis at Wat Phra Yatigaram, Ayuthaya, and Wat Rajburana (Wat Lieb), Bangkok. The other half were distributed to devotees who donated to help restore the two temples. He was actually requested to make these amulets by Luang Phor Chalerm, later to be appointed abbot of Wat Yaitikaram and Luang Phor Niyom, Wat Rajburana.

Apart from this series of Pra Khunpaen Klurb amulets, Luang Phor Aant also created many other series of sacred amulets including

1. BE2496 amulet, which was the most famous sacred series of metal coins of Luang Phor Aant.
2. BE2436 amulet

Luang Phor Aant passed away in B.E.2512 at the age of 80.
大胸模坤平佛,龙婆安Wat PhraYatigaram,佛历2496。圣土料,没有表层的陶瓷,市场十分罕见。于2014年12月14日,在泰国Sukhothai大型佛牌比赛中荣获第二名。于2014年12月21日,在泰国芭达雅大型佛牌比赛中再次荣获第二名。配上真金防水外壳(6.8克)。

龙婆安是阿育特雅府早期第一名师龙婆甘(Wat PhraYatigaram)的得意弟子,龙婆安尽得其师傅的真传,在龙婆甘圆寂之后,龙婆安便接替师傅出任Wat PhraYatigaram的主持。在佛历2496年,龙婆安收集了很多特别材料制作这一批坤平佛牌,当中包括:
1. 大量屈曳切梦冠400年坤平佛牌碎片
2. 坤平币拍沙佛牌碎片
3. 拍屈凸契佛牌碎片
4. 拍劲旷格杰
5. 拍旷沙么
6. 屈龙婆多埋塔佛牌 (200年)
7. 龙婆班神兽牌
8. 龙婆班神兽牌屈姑沙落
9. 大量古老佛塔内旧牌碎
10. 大量拍可依多旧牌碎
11. 大量来自曼谷有关人缘圣物
佛牌由以上多种特别材料,加上花粉、圣水及特别人缘圣物混合而成,龙婆安制作了这批坤平佛牌之后,举办了三个大法会来加持开光,第一个大法会是由龙婆安加持坤平佛牌三个月,第二个大法会是由龙婆钟(Wat NangTanok)加持三天三夜,第三个大法会是龙婆史(Wat Sakae)加持三天三夜。三个大法会完成之后才让人们供请。龙婆安在佛历2512年圆寂,年享80岁。


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