First Batch Somdej 9 Chan Wat Pa Luay BE2547

504017First Batch Somdej 9 Chan Wat Pa Luay BE2547. Phim Kamakan, made 200 pieces only. Chanted by Luangta Mahaboowa and many other forest monk. Material used included old broken amulet, powder of broken somdej from Pagoda, Phra Rod amulet, Chanmak from monk, ashes of monks, lek lai and many others.
第一期9层崇迪佛,Wat Pa Luay,佛历2547。理事模,只做了200尊而已。由龙达玛哈布瓦和多位森林派高僧一同加持。材料包括老佛牌碎,出塔的崇迪佛碎,帕咯老佛牌,师傅们的槟榔渣,骨灰,历濑矿石,等等。
CODE: 504017

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