Somdej Maha SomPrathana Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan BE2543

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Somdej Maha SomPrathana Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan BE2543. This is Nur Phong NamMan with LP’s hair, made 1,000 pieces only. It has SamakomPhra Authentic Certificate. This Somdej encased with Silver waterproof casing. The height is around 3.8CM.
During that time, Archan Tua from Wat SabLamYai told Luang Phor Moon that he didn’t have enough fund to create various sacred objects. Then Luang Phor Moon replied confidently that his wish will be fulfilled. Therefore, this batch amulet has been named as Maha Somprathana.
Roon Maha Somprathana chanted in 2 blessing ceremonies. At first it chanted in Wat SabLamyai on 5th November BE2543. The mass chanting ceremony started at 19:19 and finished at 21:39. The monks who attended:
1. Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan
2. Luang Phor Lamay
3. Luang Phor Hong Wat Phetchburi
4. Luang Phor Tee Wat Luang Rachawas
5. Luang Phor Krit Wat Aranyawasi
6. Luang Phor Phun Wat Pailom
7. Luang Phor Sawai Preedaram
8. Phra Archan Sompong Wat Mai PinKliew
9. Luang Phor Kae Wat Paknam
10. Luang Phor Prasit Wat Sai Noi
11. Luang Phor Siri Wat Tan
12. Luang Phor Tim Wat Phra Kao
13. Phra Archan Wichai Wat ThamPhaChom
14. Luang Phor Rith Wat Chonlaprathan
15. Phra Archan Thep Wat Tha Khae
16. Luang Phor Luy Wat Ratchyotha
17. Phra Archan Sinchai Wat Tham
18. Phra Archan Phairin Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat
19. Luang Phor Ken Wat Pracha Bamrung
19. Luang Phor Phien Wat Krin Krathin
20. Phra Archan Kasemsuk Wat Pradu Thammathipat
After that it chanted again in Wat Rakang on 10th December BE2543.
伦玛哈Somprathana加持了两次。第一次是于佛历2543年11月5日在瓦萨栏雅佛寺加持,大法会从19:19开始,并在21:39圆满结束。有份参与的师傅如 :
1. 龙婆满瓦瓣沾佛寺
2. 龙婆拉迈
3. 龙婆宏Wat Phetchburi
4. 龙婆Tee Wat Luang Rachawas
5. 龙婆Krit Wat Aranyawasi
6. 龙婆Phun Wat Pailom
7. 龙婆撒怀瓦比达兰佛寺
8. 帕阿赞Sompong Wat Mai PinKliew
9. 龙婆Kae Wat Paknam
10. 龙婆Prasit Wat Sai Noi
11. 龙婆Siri Wat Tan
12. Luang Phor Tim Wat Phra Kao
13. 帕阿赞Wichai Wat ThamPhaChom
14. 龙婆列瓦春拉帕谭佛寺
15. 帕阿赞Thep Wat Tha Khae
16. 龙婆Luy Wat Ratchyotha
17. 帕阿赞Sinchai Wat Tham
18. 帕阿赞Phairin Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat
19. 龙婆Ken Wat Pracha Bamrung
19. 龙婆Phien Wat Krin Krathin
20. 帕阿赞Kasemsuk Wat Pradu Thammathipat
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