Somdej Jakapat Lang Xang YaKuJun Wat Pa Chao Sua BE2562

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Somdej Jakapat Lang Xang YaKuJun Wat Pa Chao Sua BE2562. The material is mixed with a variety of deep mountain ores and mixed metals. The main material is Samrit. The Samrit material is a material that many classic and old high-end versions will use a hundred years ago. It is considered to have special energy. Other metal included bornite, where as other material does not disclose by master. The whole recipe is prepared by the master alone. The different colors seen are actually the same materials, but different colors appear due to the craftsmanship. They are roughly divided into 5 types, dark brown, yellow, red, gray, and mixed colors.  The amulet has a “Bowl” on the front and a “Fu” anti-counterfeiting engraving on the back. The height is around 3.3CM.

王者Lang Xang崇迪,阿赞尊瓦帕周锁佛寺,佛历2562(2019年)。材料混用多种深山矿石混合金属,主要的材质是Samrit,Samrit材质是百年前很多经典老牌的高版本会使用的材料, 被认为具有特别的能量,其他的金属包括斑铜矿,至于其他材料师傅则不愿透露。整个配方由师傅独自调配,所见的不同颜色实际上是相同材料,但因工艺导致呈现出不同颜色, 大概分为5种,偏深棕,偏黄,偏红,偏灰,及混杂色。而此牌前面有「钵」、背面有「福」的防伪刻印。佛牌的高度大约是3.3CM。
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