Rooplor Luang Phor Ngern Phim Kheeta Wat Tai Nam BE2542-2543

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Rooplor Luang Phor Ngern Phim Kheeta Wat Tai Nam BE2542-2543. This batch is called Roon Metta Barami. This is Nur Nawa, with code on chest and unpolished style, Phim Niyom made 599 pieces only. Each amulet has unique number. This piece is Number 169. It has temple box. It has SamakomPhra Authentic Card. This Rooplor encased with brand new Silver Sukhothai waterproof casing. The height is around 2.5CM.
This batch of amulet blessed in 5 mass chanting ceremonies in 2 years’ time. 2 of the blessing ceremonies held in Wat Bangklan. There were lots of holy material melted together including 109 baht of gold. As per record, Luang Phor Ngern himself appeared and joined the blessing in 1 of the blessing ceremonies. There were hundreds of famous monks participated in the blessing ceremony, one of them was Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan.
龙婆银眼屎模佩戴型小立尊,瓦泰楠佛寺,佛历2542-2543(1999-2000年)。这批是伦Metta Barami。这是九宝铜材质,胸部有印记,没抛光版本,流行模只制作了599尊而已。每尊佛牌有独立编号。这尊的号码是169。连同寺庙盒子。获得萨玛空验证卡。这尊小立尊已包了全新防水纯银素可泰外壳。佛牌的高度大约是2.5CM。
CODE: 2202004
Actual amulet in hand 真牌在手,不卖照片
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