Rian Double Money Bag Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan BE2543

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Rian Double Money Bag Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan BE2543. This is copper material, back with two money bags, made 1,999 pieces only. Beautiful condition. It comes with temple box. It won No3 Placing in Thailand ChaengWattana SamakomPhra Amulet Competition on 16th June 2019. This Rian encased with handmade 90% Gold waterproof casing, gold casing cost around 15,600 Thai Baht. The height is around 2.8CM.
Roon Saoha Mahasetthi blessed 5 times:
1. Firstly, pouring ceremony and blessed by Luang Phor Moon at Wat Pa Nong Lom on 27th February BE2543.
2. Then Luang Phor LaMay Wat Phothiyen (101 years old), Luang Phor Pian Wat Kron Kathin, Luang Phor Luay Wat Rachayotha, Luang Phor Phol Wat Non Thong, Luang Phor Chan Wat Nang Nhu, Luang Phor SinChai Wat Phothiyen and Luang Phor Thanom Wat Suthat blessed in Wat Suthat on 16th March BE2543.
3. After that Luang Phor Moon, Luang Phor Kong Wat Sramonthoon (102 years old), Luang Phor LaMay Wat Phothiyen, Luang Phor Inn Wat Ban Dan blessed in Wat Pa Nong Lom on 8th April BE2543 (Saoha Day). Luang Phor Suang came to do the chanting at 3am and left at 4.30am.
4. Later on, Luang Phor Moon blessed in Wat SabLamYai on 9th April BE2543.
5. Finally blessed in Wat Suthat on 30th April BE2543 9.19am. Total of 4 person chanted at 4 direction, they were Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan, Luang Phor LaMay, Luang Phor Kong Wat Sramonthoon and Luang Phor Somchit Wat Ban Dan. Luang Phor Suang came to do the chanting at 2.30am.
双钱袋自身铜牌,龙婆满瓦瓣沾佛寺,佛历2543(2000年)。这尊佛牌是铜材质,背面有两个钱袋,只做了1,999尊而已。漂亮的品相。连同寺庙盒子。于2019年6月16日,在泰国 ChaengWattana萨玛空联办佛牌比赛中荣获第三名。这尊铜牌已包了手工防水90%真金龙牙壳,金壳的成本大约是15,600泰铢。佛牌的高度大约是2.8CM。
2。于佛历2543年3月16日,由龙婆LaMay Wat Phothiyen(101岁),龙婆Pian Wat Kron Kathin,龙婆Luay Wat Rachayotha,龙婆Phol Wat Non Thong,龙婆Chan Wat Nang Nhu,龙婆SinChai Wat Phothiyen以及龙婆Thanom瓦苏塔佛寺一起在瓦苏塔佛寺加持。
3。于佛历2543年4月8日(吉祥日),由龙婆满,龙婆Kong Wat Sramonthoon(102岁),龙婆LaMay Wat Phothiyen,龙婆Inn Wat Ban Dan在瓦帕农隆佛寺加持。龙婆爽师傅于凌晨3点至4点半期间也来到加持。
5。于佛历2543年4月30日早上9点19分,在瓦苏塔佛寺加持。共有4位高僧于4个方向一同加持,他们是龙婆满,龙婆LaMay,龙婆Kong Wat Sramonthoon和龙婆Somchit Wat Ban Dan。当天凌晨2点30分龙婆爽也到来加持。
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