Pidta Napayamee Ngern Lai Ma Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan BE2542

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Pidta Napayamee Ngern Lai Ma Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan BE2542. The meaning of Ngern Lai Ma is money flows in. The material included Phong Phuttakhun and Powder from 350 monks. At the same time the bottom inserted with takrut. This piece has pidthong and handwritten yant, made very less. It has SamakomPhra Authentic Card. This Pidta encased with brand new handmade Silver waterproof casing. The height is around 2.7CM.
The monks who joined the blessing ceremony for Roon Hiranyarach were:
1. Luang Phor Moon Thitasilo, Wat Ban Jan
2. Luang Phor Hong Wat Phetchburi
3. Luang Phor Thee Wat Ming Mueang
4. Luang Phor Pian Wat Kerin Kathin
5. Luang Phor Boonyang Wat ThanonKhae
6. Luang Phor LaMay Wat Phothiyen
7. Luang Phor Huon Wat Phuttaisawan
8. Luang Phor Siri Wat Tan
9. Luang Phor Phairin Wat Phra Si Mahathat
10. Luang Phor Chalerm Wat Phra Yatikaram
11. Luang Phor Phon Wat Nern Thong Wararam
12. Luang Phor Tee Wat Luang Rajawat
13. Phra Archan Bua Thong Wat Thung Ruerai
1. 龙婆满瓦瓣沾佛寺
2. 龙婆宏Wat Phetchburi
3. 龙婆Thee Wat Ming Mueang
4. 龙婆Pian Wat Kerin Kathin
5. 龙婆Boonyang Wat ThanonKhae
6. 龙婆拉迈Wat Phothiyen
7. 龙婆Wat Phuttaisawan
8. 龙婆Siri Wat Tan
9. 龙婆Phairin Wat Phra Si Mahathat
10. 龙婆Chalerm Wat Phra Yatikaram
11. 龙婆Phon Wat Nern Thong Wararam
12. 龙婆Tee Wat Luang Rajawat
13. 帕阿赞Bua Thong Wat Thung Ruerai
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