Phra Pidta PangPraKan Perd Sub Nur Mai Phayung BE2565

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Phra Pidta PangPraKan Perd Sub Nur Mai Phayung BE2565. This is Nur Mai Phayung, made 2,999 pieces only. Serial Number 768. The bottom inserted with San Lak Mueang Takian Wood Powder. It has temple box. The height is around 2.5CM.

This batch of amulet blessed in 3 ceremonies:
1. 19th October 2021 mass chanting ceremony from 6:19AM to 11:19am Archan Khunpan house and bring the Takian Wood to the process of carving.
2. 22nd November 2021 mass chanting ceremony from 6:29AM to 11:59PM at San Lak Mueang, Nakhon Si Thammarat.
3. 17th January 2022 mass chanting ceremony at 6:19PM in Wat Khao Khun Phanom, Nakhon Si Thammarat.
必达佛旁巴干,伦Perd Sub暹罗红木,佛历2565(2022年)。这尊是暹罗红木材质,只做了2,999尊而已。佛牌编号768。底部塞了San Lak Mueang Takian木的粉。连同寺庙盒子。佛牌的高度大约是2.5CM。
1. 2021年10月19日从早上6点19分到11点19分,在阿赞坤潘的住家举行第一场加持法会然后才开始拿那块Takian木材料去雕刻。
2. 2021年11月22日从早上6点29分到11点59分,在San Lak Mueang那空是贪玛叻府举行第二场加持法会。
3. 2022年1月17日下午6点19分,在Wat Khao Khun Phanom那空是贪玛叻府举行第三场加持法会。
CODE: 2205003-768
Actual amulet in hand 真牌在手,不卖照片
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The Lord Pang Pakan
Self-Shielding Spirit Figure
The 2022 series “Unlocking Fortune”
The command of Lord Jatuakarm-Ramathep said “The country would be in flames. I have waited for you for a thousand years. I want a City Pillar built by the Golden Hopea wood. The tree is now growing in the north of Nakhon-Sithamarat city and is waiting for you.”
Mr. Khunphan on receiving the command from Lord Jatuakarm-Ramathep in a vision, traveled to the yellow-top mountain in Amphoe Noppitam district in search of the Golden Hopea tree. The tree chosen must have special features based on description in the textbook. For instance; it must have Kue-Phee (translated as the ‘Ghost Beam’) where the tree tops must form in a curve arch. Another feature is Long-Lohm (translated as the ‘Wind Groove’) where the tree roots form in with water channels.
There was a ritual performed by engraving consecrated scripts on the bamboo and placing them in the ground under two Hopea trees. Mr. Khunphan made a prayer, asking for permission from the tree spirit to uproot the trees for making the sacred city pillar. If his entreat is granted, may the tree leaves fall within 7 days. When he returned 7 days later, he found that the Hopea trees were leafless.
The sacred city pillar of Nakhon-Srithamarat city from the Golden Hopea tree was created 35 years ago and is still standing until the present time. The roots of the Hopea tree have been well maintained at the home of Mr. Na San Pantarak-Ratchadet, the eldest son of Mr. Khunphan. He followed the instruction given from his father (Pol. Maj.Gen.Khunpantarak-Ratchadet) to collect all the roots of the sacred Hopea tree so that they can be the substance for making sacred Amuletic objects.
Mr. Na San Pantarak-Ratchadet mentions that it is now the time to bring all the remaining parts of the sacred Hopea tree (synonymous with the City Pillar) to make sacred Amulets for sharing this goodwill to those people who have the same Faith of Muang Nakhon-Srithamarat city. Therefore, Mr. Na San Pantarak-Ratchadet himself, will be the ceremonial master by using all the teachings from his father and other famous masters he has studied from a young age.
At this event, the sacred amulets will be created in the form of “The Lord Pang Pakan Self-shielding Spirit Figure’ who is regarded as ‘the Lord who helps to Overcome Obstacles’ and ‘the Lord who bestows good fate’.
In Thai history, Lord Jatuakarm-Ramathep once helped the country’s fate, turning it from bad into glory. At this moment, it is the time for the Lord Pang Pakan’s Era to help us be released from the snare of darkness and can bring good fate and wealth to all the devotees.