Phra Phong Kwong-Kwan Roon 4 Wat Paknam BE2514

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Phra Phong Kwong-Kwan Roon 4 Wat Paknam BE2514. Phim Na Nang Blok Niyom. This batch of amulet chanted 3 months in BE2514 and were distributed to public on 23rd October BE2515. Material mixed with sacred powder of Phra Phong Kwong-Kwan Wat Paknam Roon 1-3, sea shell powder, riped banana, Mulee flower powder, precious stones powder like ruby, hair of Luang Phor Sodh, temple soil and others. It has SamakomPhra Authentic Card. This amulet encased with brand new Gold waterproof casing.
CODE: 2308001
Actual amulet in hand 真牌在手,不卖照片
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