Khunpaen Phim Yai Archan Chum Chaikhiri Wat Phra Baromathat BE2497

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Khunpaen Phim Yai Archan Chum Chaikhiri Wat Phra Baromathat BE2497. Back with 1 code. Khunpaen mould made 2,000 pieces only. Nur din mixed with sacred powder & 108 types holy material collected by Archan Chum. It has SamakomPhra Authentic Card. This Khunpaen encased with brand new 90% Gold waterproof casing. The weight is around 7.84G and cost around 20,000 THB.
The first amulet was pumped out of the mould on 2nd August BE2497 and the last was on 1st September BE2497. The persons who were allowed to make amulets were monks, novices, and disciples of Archan Chum. They had to obey The Five Precepts, had vegetarian food, wear white outfits, and no sexual intercourse in that period of time.
At the blessing ceremony, four ancient souls were also invited to bless with sacred power to the amulets, they are Luang Phor Thuad (in the body of a devotee), Archan Tongtao (in the body of a devotee), Luang Phor Kong (Teacher of the legendary General Khunpaen, appeared as a boy in white), Khunpaen (appeared as a boy in white). Chanted together with 108 monks for consecutive 4 weeks from 14th September until 12th October BE2497.
7 days blessing for Kongkraphan (invulnerbility to all weapon attack)
7 days blessing for Metta Maha Niyom (Loving Kindness and Attractiveness)
7 days blessing for KlawKaed (Pushing you away from danger)
7 days blessing for Maha-Ut (Stop gun from shooting at you and bullets will miss the target)
大模坤平佛,阿赞仲猜杰裂,Wat Phra Baromathat,佛历2497(1954年)。背后一个印记。坤平模总数只制作了2,000尊而已。圣土加上神圣经粉以及阿赞仲收集的108种神圣材质。获得萨玛空验证卡。这尊坤平已包了全新防水90%金壳。金壳的重量大约是7.84克,金壳的成本大约是20,000泰铢。
CODE: 2205014
Actual amulet in hand 真牌在手,不卖照片
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