Jatukam Roon Chedi Rai Archan Khunpan Wat Mahathat BE2545

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Jatukam Roon Chedi Rai Wat Mahathat BE2545. This is Nur Phong mixed with Nur Mai and Chinamanee, made not more than 600 pieces. Very rare in market. Blessed by Archan KhunPan in 4 ceremonies:
1st ceremony: 17th September BE2545, 9.55am, blessed at Wat Khao Or and invited Phra Narai for blessing together.
2nd ceremony: 21st September BE2545, 9.00pm, full moon night blessed in the deep ocean near Pak Phanang Bay.
3rd ceremony: 22nd September BE2545, 13.19pm, blessed at Khao Pasung Mountain
4th ceremony: 25th September BE2545, Mass chanting at Wat Mahathat, Nakhon Si Thammarat.
It comes with Thaprachan Amulet Authentic Certificate. Attached with brand new 80% Gold Waterproof casing.
泽度金伦Chedi Rai,瓦玛哈塔佛寺,佛历2545(2002年)。这尊的材料包括经粉,城柱庙木碎以及金纳曼尼草药丸,限量不超过600尊。市场上十分罕见。由阿赞坤潘加持了4次:
第二场法会:佛历2545年9月21日晚上9点,月圆之夜在Pak Phanang海湾的深海上加持
第三场法会:佛历2545年9月22日中午1点19分,在Khao Pasung山上加持
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