Jatukam Chedi Rai BE2545

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Jatukam Chedi Rai Wat Mahathat BE2545. Nur Phong, made not more than 600 pieces. Very rare in market. Blessed by Archan KhunPan in 4 ceremonies:
1st ceremony: 17th September BE2545, 9.55am, blessed at Wat Khao Or and invited Phra Narai for blessing together.
2nd ceremony: 21st September BE2545, 9.00pm, full moon night blessed in the deep ocean near Pak Phanang Bay.
3rd ceremony: 22nd September BE2545, 13.19pm, blessed at Khao Pasung Mountain
4th ceremony: 25th September BE2545, Mass chanting at Wat Mahathat, Nakhon Si Thammarat.
It comes with SamakomPhra Authentic Certificate. Attached with silver waterproof casing.
Chedi Rai泽度金,瓦玛哈塔佛寺,佛历2545。经粉料,只做了不超过600尊。市场上十分罕见。由阿赞坤潘加持了4次:
第二场法会:佛历2545年9月21日晚上9点,月圆之夜在Pak Phanang海湾的深海上加持
第三场法会:佛历2545年9月22日中午1点19分,在Khao Pasung山上加持
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