First Batch Rian Mon Prakan Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan BE2543

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First Batch Rian Mon Prakan Lang Hanuman Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan BE2543. This is Copper material. Original and good condition. This Rian encased with Gold waterproof casing. The height is around 3CM.
First, Luang Phor Moon chanted 3 months during the rainy season. Then Luang Phor Moon chanted this batch of amulet in Wat Banjan on 15th October BE2543. The purpose of making this amulet is to repair and build the crematorium in Wat Ban Jan. Part of the money collected will be used to build the Phra Ubosot in Wat Don Na Rang as well.
第一期Mon Prakan后面哈努曼自身铜牌,龙婆满瓦瓣沾佛寺,佛历2543(2000年)。这尊是红铜材质。原装和漂亮的品相。这尊铜牌已包了防水金壳。佛牌的高度大约是3CM。
首先龙婆满师傅在守夏季加持了三个月。最后龙婆满于佛历2543年10月15日在本庙瓦瓣沾佛寺为这批佛牌开光加持。制作这批佛牌的目的是为了在瓦瓣沾佛寺修补和建造火葬场。除此之外,部分筹得的钱也会为Don Na Rang佛寺建造佛教寺院。
CODE: 2206018