Somdej Mien Luang Phor Unn Wat Tankong BE2495-2497

Somdej Mien Luang Phor Unn Wat Tankong BE2495-2497. Luang Phor Unn created this Somdej Mien from many holy material such as leftover rice from Luang Phor Unn, nur phong created by Luang Phor Unn, old powder from Luang Phor Kaew Wat Kruewan. Luang Phor Unn strongly blessed this Somdej Mien for 8 years by himself with monks in temple. People believe Somdej Mien is good in charm, kindness, attractive, Metta Maha Saney, luck and wealth too. By the way, there are many wonderful experience of Somdej Mien amulet about helping worshiper from harm, accident and weapon.
CODE: 812007

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