Second Batch Locket LuangTa Jiak Wat PaPhooRiThat BE2535

15017Second Batch Locket LuangTa Jiak Wat PaPhooRiThat BE2535. Luangta Jiak was the first level disciple of the great AC Mun. He born on 6th June BE2459. Started his monkhood on BE2480. Passed away on 23rd August BE2547 at the age of 88 years old. The royal cremation hold on 17th September BE2547. Reached Arahant level and there are relics from him after the cremation.
第二期自身Locket,龙普扎Wat PaPhooRiThat,佛历2535。师傅是龙普曼大师的第一代徒弟。师傅出生于佛历2459年6月6日。于佛历2480年开始他的僧侣生活。于佛历2547年8月23日圆寂,享年88岁。葬礼于佛历2547年9月17日举行。师傅修行已经到达阿罗汉境界,并在火化后留下舍利子。
CODE: 15017

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