Roopmuen Phim Niyom Luang Phor Koon Wat Pun Onn

501016 501016ARoopmuen Phim Niyom Luang Phor Koon Wat Pun Onn BE2523. Made 1000 pieces only. Mixed with LP’s hair, cigarette butts, jasmine, sarapee, and lotus pollens, seven relics, broken pieces of Lamphun family amulets. Other components were 108 kinds of pollen, pieces of well-known amules such as Phra Kong, Phra Sam, Phra Sibsong etc. All creating process had been done in Wat Pun Onn by following the ancient process. Luang Phor Koon had chanted since Monday which is considered the great charm day for the Northern people, Luang Phor Koon chanted two times every day in the morning after alms round and at night before going to sleep. The process lasted for one quarter. It won No1 Placing in Thailand Lamphun Amulet Competition on 28th December 2014. It comes with Silver Waterproof casing.
自身草药流行模,龙婆坤Wat Pun Onn,佛历2523。只做了1000尊而已。材料包含师傅的头发,烟头,茉莉,Sarapee,荷花花粉,七种舍利文物,破碎的南奔佛牌。其他成份为108种花粉,知名佛牌如帕空,帕山,帕Sibsong等。所有制造过程遵循古老的做法。龙婆坤于星期一开始加持,泰北人认为这是很好的日子,龙婆坤每天加持两次,早晨托钵后以及晚上睡觉前。这个过程持续了3个月。于2014年12月28日,在泰国Lamphun佛牌比赛中荣获第一名。配上精美纯银防水外壳。
CODE: 501016

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