Rian Double Dragon Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan BE2543

Rian Double Dragon Roon Saoha Mahasetthi Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan BE2543. Nur Thongdeang. This batch of amulet blessed 5 times:
1. Blessed by Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan at Wat Pa Nong Lom on 27th February BE2543.
2. Blessed by Luang Phor LaMay Wat Phothiyen (101 years old), Luang Phor Phien Wat Klin Katin, Luang Phor Luay Wat Rachyotha, Luang Phor Phoon Wat Non Thong, Luang Phor Chan Wat Nang Nhu, Luang phor SinChai Wat Phothiyen at Wat Suthat on 16th March BE2543.
3. Blessed by Luang Phor Moon Wat Ban Jan, Luang Phor Kong Wat Sramonthoon (102 years old), Luang Phor LaMay Wat Phothiyen, Luang Phor Somjit Wat Ban Dan at Wat Pa Nong Lom on 8th April BE2543 (saoha).
4. Blessed in Wat SabLamYai on 9th April BE2543.
5. Blessed in Wat Suthat on 30th April BE2543.
It comes with Samakom Authentic Certificate.
2。于佛历2543年3月16日,由龙婆拉迈Wat Phothiyen(101岁),龙婆Phien Wat Klin Katin,龙婆Luay Wat Rachyotha,龙婆Phoon Wat Non Thong,龙婆Chan Wat Nang Nhu,龙婆SinChai Wat Phothiyen在瓦苏塔佛寺加持。
3。于佛历2543年4月8日(吉祥日),由龙婆满瓦瓣沾佛寺,龙婆Kong Wat Sramonthoon(102岁),龙婆拉迈Wat Phothiyen,龙婆Somjit Wat Ban Dan在瓦帕农隆佛寺加持。
CODE: 807018

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