Pidta Roon Metta Luang Phor Sim Wat ThamPhaPong BE2517

403027403027A 403027BPidta Roon Metta Luang Phor Sim Wat ThamPhaPong BE2517. Co-blessed with Luang Phor Tim Wat Lahanrai. The material contained black rice, nur Phong Tup from Luang Phor Tim Wat Lahanrai, soil from 4 holy places, nur Phong Kesorn and others. Made 2000 pieces only. It won No1 Placing in Thailand Lamphun Grand Amulet Competition on 28th December 2014. It comes with Pra Muang Authentic Ccertificate. Attached with Gold Waterproof casing.
比达佛伦咪打,龙婆甚瓦潭爬磅佛寺,佛历2517(1974年)。龙婆添瓦拉汉莱佛寺也有份加持。这佛牌参了很多特别的材料,例如黑米,龙婆添瓦拉汉莱佛寺的经灰,4个圣地的土壤,花粉料等等。只做了2000尊而已。于2014年12月28日,在泰国南奔府大型佛牌比赛中荣获第二名。获得Pra Muang佛牌协会颁发的验证卡。配上防水金壳。
CODE: 403027

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