Luang Phor Prasit Wat PaaMooMai

Luang Phor Prasit Wat PaaMooMai Chiangmai 3aLuang Phor Prasit Wat PaaMooMai Chiangmai. LP Prasit born on 5th March BE2484. He started his monkhood on 15th May BE2503 when he was 19 years old.
In BE 2545 according to newspaper that one of LP Prasit hand has turn into relics crystal like ( 舍利子) when Doctor x-ray for Lp Prasit, that shock the whole Thailand Buddhism and amulet collectors. A real living arahant.

龙婆帕习 Wat PaaMooMai,清迈。龙婆帕习于佛历2484年3月5日出生。师傅于佛历2503年5月15日开始了他的僧侣生活,当时师傅才19岁。
于佛历2545那一年,泰国报纸报导了一段新闻。诉说当医生替师傅照X光时,师傅的手臂 呈现舍利水晶体。此消息震惊了整个泰国佛界以及佛牌收藏家。师傅是真正的在世阿罗汉。

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