Khunpaen Somboonsapya Luang Phor Chuen Wat Yan Sen BE2544

607004Khunpaen Somboonsapya Luang Phor Chuen Wat Yan Sen BE2544. Green Kerp, made around 200 pieces only. This khunpaen is created by Archan Sanit Kodchakorn and blessed by Luang Phor Chuen. It mixed with ground broken amulets of Khunpaen Wat YaiChaiMongkol as well as many other old amulets from old temples and historical sites such as Phra KoneSmoh, Phra Gru Wat Ratchaburana, Phra Muang Kampaengpetch, etc. It comes with original temple box. Attached with Silve Longya Waterproof casing.
坤平夹Somboonsapya,龙婆川瓦印醒佛寺,佛历2544(2001年)。青色陶瓷,只做了200尊左右。此批佛牌是阿赞Sanit Kodchakorn制造,并由龙婆川加持。佛牌里参了很多旧料,包括屈曳砌夢冠的坤平牌碎以及一些古庙古塔的旧佛牌。连同原装寺庙盒子。配上防水银龙牙外壳。
CODE: 607004

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