Pidta Phim Hok Liam Luang Phor Hiang Wat Pa (Wat Arun Yikawas) BE2505

Pidta Phim Hok Liam Luang Phor Hiang Wat Pa (Wat Arun Yikawas) BE2505. Nur Phong Khluk Rak. It comes with Thaprachan Authentic Certificate. Attached with Gold Waterproof casing.
六角形必达佛,龙婆香瓦帕佛寺(Wat Arun Yikawas),佛历2505(1962年)。Khluk Rak经粉材质。获得塔巴赞佛牌协会颁发验证卡。配上精美防水真金壳。
CODE: 812010
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Actual amulet in hand 现货在手,不卖照片

Pidta Luang Phor Hiang Wat Pa BE2505

603009 20160131 UttaraditPidta Luang Phor Hiang Wat Pa (Wat Arun Yikawas) BE2505. Phim Sat Lak Tan Sung. Nur Wahn. It won No3 Placing in Thailand Uttaradit Grand Amulet Competition on 31st January 2016.
比达佛,龙婆香瓦帕佛寺(Wat Arun Yikawas),佛历2505(1962年)。Sat Lak Tan Sung模。草药料。于2016年1月31日,在泰国程逸府大型佛牌比赛中荣获第三名。
CODE: 603009

Pidta Luang Phor Hiang Wat Pa BE2505

501017 501018APidta Luang Phor Hiang Wat Pa (Wat Arun Yikawas) BE2505. Phim Sat Lak Tan Sung. Nur Wahn. It comes with Uamulet Certificate for authenticity.
比达佛,龙婆香Wat Pa(Wat Arun Yikawas),佛历2505。Sat Lak Tan Sung模。草药料。获得Uamulet佛牌协会颁发的验证卡。
CODE: 501018

Luang Phor Hiang Wat Pa

LP Hiang Wat Pa 3

Luang Phor Hiang Wat Pah or some people also called him Luang Phor Keow Ong Sorng (second Luang Phor Keow, Wat Krua Wan). This is because Luang Phor Hiang was the closest disciple of Luang Por Keow who was very famous of making many efficacious Pra Pidta.

Luang Poo Hiang was born on Thursday, 29 December B.E.2441. He ordained as a monk in BE2464 at the age of 23 years old at Wat Khow Bahng Saai by Tahn Jow Pra KhemTaSeeSonTiSaMahnKoon. In B.E.2466, Luang Poo Hiang became the abbot of Wat Pah. From then on, he stayed at Wat Pah 46 years until he passed away in B.E.2512. During his lifetime as a monk, he had been appointed to hold several posts in the committee of monks.

Luang Poo Hiang learnt all the Wichah (magical chant) and even received the manual to make efficacious Pra Pidta from Luang Phor Keow. Besides, Luang Phor Hiang was also given all the special powder made by Luang Por Geow before the latter passed away. Because of these, the popularity of Pra Pidta Luang Phor Hiang is the same as his teacher, Luang Por Keow. Luang Poo Hiang had also learnt Wichah from many other teachers. As such his Pra Pidta contains not only Luang Poo Keow’s Wichah but Wichah from other teachers as well.

Luang Phor Hiang made his first batch of Pra Pidta in B.E.2495. The Pra Pidta is in hexagon shape. The back is grazed and only a total 1000 plus pieces were made. The materials used were all old powder left behind by Luang Por Keow.

Pra Pidta Luang Poo Hiang are good for Metta Mahaniyom, Kleow Klaht and Mahalap effects.

龙婆香Wat Pa,是龙婆桥Wat krua Wan的徒弟。两位师傅的比达都很出名,尤其是龙婆桥。

龙婆香于佛历2441年12月29日,星期四出生。佛历2464年,师傅23岁的时候,师傅在Wat Khow Bahng Saai出家成僧侣。佛历2466年,师傅成为Wat Pa的主持。从此以后,师傅常驻在Wat Pa长达46年,直到佛历2512年圆寂。在师傅有生之年,师傅曾被僧侣团委任不同的职务。




Credits given to Brother Noi from forums.