Rian Roon 8th Luang Phor Sum Wat Pataiwiwet BE2521

202014Rian Roon 8th Luang Phor Sum Wat Pataiwiwet BE2521. This rian blessed by Luang Phor Sum on Saoha day (Auspicious Day) at the age of 79 years old. Luang Phor Sum was the disciple of the great Luang Phor Mun & Luang Phor Dun.
第八期自身铜牌,龙婆三Wat Pataiwiwet,佛历2521。师傅在吉祥日(Saoha)为这批佛牌加持,当年师傅已经是79岁高龄。龙婆三是龙婆曼和龙婆敦的徒弟。
CODE: 202014

Long Phor Sum Wat Pataiwiwet

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Long Phor Sum Wat Pataiwiwet. Born on 10th September BE2443. He is the eldest among 11 sister brothers. Started his monkhood at the age of 20. Passed away on 2nd February BE2534 at 91 years old.

LP Sum is one of the greatest dhammayut monk. He was the disciple of AC Mun and LP Dun Wat Buraparam, Surin. Well known and respect in Thailand.

龙婆三Wat Pataiwiwet,出生于佛历2443年9月10日。家中有11位兄弟姐妹,排行第一。师傅20岁的时候就开始了他的僧侣生活。师傅于佛历2534年2月2日圆寂,享年91岁。师傅是一位伟大的森林派大师。师傅是龙普曼和龙普敦的徒弟。在泰国享有盛名。