Sangkachai Wat Prasat BE2506

411012 411012ASangkacai Wat Prasat BE2506. First grand blessing ceremony on 6th to 9th March BE2506, attended by 234 monks and blessed for 4 days 4 nights. Second grand blessing ceremony on 13th to 15th November BE2506, attended by 108 monks and blessed for 3 days 3 night. Mixed with lots of holy material from more than 300 temples, such as old somdej Wat Bangkhunprom, old somdej Wat Rakang, Luang Phor Thuad Wat Changhai BE2497, powder from Luang Phor Sodh Wat Paknam, leftover powder from Somdej Phau BE2495 and others. This is mixed with Wat Bangkhunprom old powder. It comes with Uamulet certificate for authenticity. Attached with Silver waterproof casing.
CODE: 411012

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