Roopmuen Roon Farpa Luang Phor Phrom Wat Chongkae BE2512

411011A 411011BRoopmuen Roon Farpa Luang Phor Phrom Wat Chongkae BE2512. It won No3 Placing in Thailand Chiangmai Grand Amulet Competittion on 31st August 2014. Attached with Silver waterproof casing. This amulet mixed with lots of holy material. When the amulet is ready, one of Luang Phor Phrom’s disciple put in his pocket and continue to do temple job. Suddenly he was strike by lightening and fainted. Other disciples carry him into the temple but his clothe was in good condition. When Luang Phor Phrom arrived and sprays holy water on him, he wake up and do not injure.
CODE: 411011

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