Rian Nawa Lor Roon Kosethee Luangta Boonar Wat PaSotThiPol BE2555-57

501027Rian Nawa Lor Roon Kosethee Luangta Boonar Wat PaSotThiPol BE2555-57. Made 2000 pieces only. Blessed for 3 taimak and go through 10 time blessing ceremonies. Mixed with takrut from 19 Dhammayut master such as:
倒模九宝铜自身铜牌,伦哥锡铁,龙达伯纳Wat PaSotThiPol,佛历2555-57。只做了2000尊。由师傅加持了3个守夏季并加持了10次。材料含有来自19位森林派高僧的符管,如下:
1) Luang Phor Dune 龙婆敦
2) Luang Phor Chob 龙婆卓
3) Luang Phor Fun 龙婆樊
4) Luang Phor Luei 龙婆Luei
5) Luang Phor Khao 龙婆考
6) Luang Phor OrnSar 龙婆安萨
7) Luang Phor Sing 龙婆Sing
8) Luang Phor Phang~Korat 龙婆庞~Korat
9) Luang Phor Mahasoh 龙婆Mahasoh
10) Luang Phor Rien 龙婆连
11) Luang Phor Sie 龙婆史
12) Archan Wan 阿赞万
13) Archan Juan 阿赞砖
14) Luang Phor Phien 龙婆Phien
15) Luang Phor BoonMie 龙婆BoonMie
16) Luang Phor ThengOrn 龙婆ThengOrn
17) Luang Phor Phang 龙婆庞
18) Luangta Phuang 龙达Phuang
19) Luangta Boonnar 龙达伯纳
CODE: 412043

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