Phra Chaiwat Phim Than Sung Than Chao Ma Wat SaamPleum

Phra Chaiwat Phim Than Sung (High Base) Than Chao Ma Wat SaamPleum. Phra Chaiwat from Wat SaamPleum (Bangkok) is one of the top Phra Chaiwat in Thailand created by an old time guru Than Chao Ma (BE2380~2457). It is known that Than Chao Ma was the master who had passed the formula of consecrating Phra Kring/Chai amulets to Sankaraj Pae of Wat Suthat. Amulets created by Than Chao Ma are all more than 100 over years and the efficacy and miracles experienced by wearers are unquestionable. A preferred amulet for all rounded protection to its wearer. Considered in Thailand as 1 of 5 Top Chaiwat master in Thailand. Many old time collectors always have one of these on their clip or necklace…the list includes:
Than Chao Ma Wat SaamPleum
Luang Phor Boon Wat KlangBangKeow
Sangkaraj Pae Wat Suthat
Luang Phor Iam Wat Nang
Phraku Laem Wat Arun
It won No2 Placing in Thailand ChaengWattana Grand Amulet Competition on 11th June 2017. It won No1 Placing in Thailand Pantip Grand Amulet Competition on 6th August 2017. It won No1 placing in Thailand Chiangmai Grand Amulet Competition on 20th August 2017 again. Attached with Open Gold Casing (approximately 11.91 gram)
CODE: 801001

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