Single Eye Coconut Rahu bucha Luang Phor Kliang Wat Non Kaed BE2555

402008Single Eye Coconut Rahu bucha Luang Phor Kliang Wat Non Kaed BE2555. LP Kliang born on 10th October BE2451 and he is 106 years old now. One of the top monk in Sisaket Province.
供奉型单眼椰拉胡,龙婆强Wat Non Kaed,佛历2555。龙婆强于佛历2451年10月10日出生,今年已经106岁高龄。是当今Sisaket省最有名的师傅之一。
CODE: 402008

Long Phor Kliang Wat Non Kaed

LP Kliang Wat Non Kaed 8Long Phor Kliang Wat Non Kaed is a well-known monk in Sisaket Province (northeast of Thailand). He is a worshipful monk. Many people love and respect him. He was born on 10 October B.E. 2451 (C.E.1908). He lives long. He is more than 106 years old! He is kind to everyone and loves helping people. LP Kliang learnt magic from many guru monks such as LP Mun, LP Sao, LP Dun, LP Chop and LP Moom who were magical masters. Amulets of LP Kliang are very popular because they good effects on the worshipper for example fulfillment.
龙婆强Wat Non Kaed是当今Sisaket省最有名的师傅之一。师傅很受人崇拜,很多人很喜欢以及尊敬他。师傅于佛历2451年10月10日出生,今年已经106岁高龄。师傅很仁慈,也很喜欢帮助信徒。龙婆强曾经向龙普曼,龙普绍,龙普敦,龙普卓,龙普Moon等大师学法。师傅的佛牌和圣物也很受欢迎因为它为信徒们带来了很好的效果。