Khunpaen Mahawan Phrai Thien Luang Phor Mien Wat Ban CaNiang


First Batch Khunpaen Mahawan Phrai Thien Phim Yai Luang Phor Mien Wat Ban CaNiang BE2538. Attached with Silver Longya Waterproof casing. Made 2 Phim 3 blok
1. Phim lek made lesser then Phim Yai
2. Phim Yai made 2 blok (Blok 1 broken then made Blok 2)
2 Phim total made 400 pieces only.
Material collected personally by Luang Phor Mien such as
1. Wahn Ha Roy Nang
2. Wahn Cung Nang
3. Wahn Sao Long
4. Wahn Maha Saneh
5. Wahn SaNeh Can
6. Wahn Chang PaSom Kholng
7. Wahn Thep Ray Cuan
8. Wahn Salika Lintong
9. Wahn Kracae Can
10. Kleur Kao Long
11. Ka Fak Ta Kai
12. Ka Fak Rak
13. Ka Fak Ma Yom Tay Phray
14. Ka Fak Rak Son
15. Ka Fak MaRum
16. Dok Ta Kai
17. Hoa La Meat Sor
18. Naman Kue Por
19. Banana
20. Si Phung Maleng Thab
21. Wild Honey
22. Honeycomb
23. Phrai Thien
24. Ya Cao Chu
25. Si Phung Luang Phor Leung
26. Si Phung Luang Phor Caem
27. NaMan Phray and Phong Phray
28. NaMan Chang Tok Man
29. Ya ChinNaMunNi Luang Phor Cher Wat Klangbangkaew
30. Bone ash
31. Soil from 7 Castle
32. Soil from 7 Cemetery
1. 小模,做得比大模少。
2. 大模有2个款(第一款的模具坏了之后,就做了第二款模具)
CODE: 605002

Luang Phor Mien was born in Cambodia and famous in Buriram. He became a novice monk at the age of 10 years old. He studied with 12 Ajahn from Cambodia. Ajahn Loon is one of his master. During the war time in Cambodia, Luang Phor Mien leave the Buddhist monk hood and in BE2519 he ordination again and he moved to Sisaket Province and currently he is at Buriram. He appointed as Abbot of Wat Ban CaNiang in the BE2536, still today people believed he is great in making Herb and Metta Maha Niyom amulets. He is also good friend with Luang Phor Caem and Luang Phor Thammarangsi.

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