Khunpaen LP Rith Wat Chonlaprathan BE2547

605005LP Rith Wat Chonlaprathan 1Khunpaen Ruay Ngern Ruay Tong Luang Phor Rith Wat Chonlaprathan BE2547. Material mixed with phong prai kuman from Luang Phor Tim, 108 herb, takrut salika, gems, LP’s hair, jeevorn and others. 9 Gold Takrut, made 108 pieces only. Co-blessed with Luang Phor Hong, Luang Phor Key, Archan Plien BoonYuen and others. Luang Phor Rith had said that this was the best amulet he created. They were made particularly sacred with mind power plus Khmer magic, which he learnt from his masters. He further said that ”these amulets are full of miracles, and that they will bring about many good things including a successful career, safety, success, wealth and charm to the opposite sex”, It comes with original temple box.
Katha/经文:“ma-a-u took-kang a-nit-jang a-nat-taa poot-toh poot-toh i-ti sook-khato a-ra-hang poot-toh namo poot-taa ya”
CODE: 605005

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