First Batch Jatukam Stamp Phim Niyom Wat Mahathat BE2530

611007611007aFirst Batch Jatukam Stamp Phim Niyom Wat Mahathat BE2530. Nur Thongdeang Blok Heng. This amulet blessed together with First Batch Jatukam Ramathep in the same ceremony by Archan KhunPan and others, such as Archan Jeang Wat Donsala, Archan Singern Wat Donsala, Phra Kru Kachat Wat Donsala, Archan Kien Wat Thong Lor, Phor Than Kling Wat Thalunthong, Luang Phor Sung Wat Don Tro, Luang Phor Chan Wat Thong Fuer, Luang Phor Mui Wat Prakam, Luang Phor Kloy Wat Pukaothong, Luang Phor Glun Wat Kao Or, and many others. It comes with Thaprachan Amulet Authentic Certificate.
第一期邮票型泽度金(流行模),瓦玛哈塔佛寺,佛历2530(1987年)。铜质,兴字模。此佛牌是由阿赞坤潘和多位大师,连同第一期泽度金一起加持的,包括阿赞Jeang Wat Donsala,阿赞洗恩瓦冬薩拉佛寺,帕库Kachat Wat Donsala,阿赞建Wat Thong Lor,婆昙Kling Wat Thalunthong,龙婆Sung Wat Don Tro,龙婆Chan Wat Thong Fuer,龙婆Mui Wat Prakam,龙婆盖瓦铺考通佛寺,龙婆Glun Wat Kao Or等等。获得塔巴占佛牌鉴定卡。
CODE: 611007

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